Get Paid To Build Your List? This Is BIG.

If you think you need a big list to be successful with Email marketing, you’ll like this….

My friend Jonathan Mizel is a ninja-level master of email drops. This guy spent the past 20 years figuring out how to rent “other” people’s lists, even how to get them to mail for YOU, for free.

The best part is, this traffic is super-responsive, much better than PPC, with VERY high opt-in and conversion rates, and it comes in instantly, so you know what works in hours instead of weeks.

On Tuesday March 8th at 7PM Eastern, Jonathan and I are hosting a LIVE online training about crushing it with Email traffic, regardless of your business or niche.

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You’ll discover his magic Email funnel and how to generate a ton of traffic using third-party lists, brokers, and JV partners. You’ll see exactly how Professional Entrepreneurs, not amateurs, build their Email list and manage their Email marketing.

Very BIG difference. Very important training. Don’t miss it.

Here’s the deal though… There are just 1000 spots available, and this mailing is going out to over 150,000 people, so do the math.  😉

Sign up for this free training now. You will love this. FYI – It will NOT be offered again, so act on this now.

Jonathan has spent the past two decades figuring this stuff out, and he’s generated millions of dollars selling in multiple niches as both a vendor and an affiliate.

And the crazy part is, he’s done it all from Maui, Hawaii, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, sometimes from the freaking beach! He’s my go-to-guy for all things Email Marketing.

If you’re ready to step it up and really get a deep, inside understanding of how Professional Entrepreneurs, not amateurs, build their Email list and manage their Email marketing, get registered for this.

Bottom line: The Email Marketing world is a mess today. It’s in a state of overwhelm and chaos. Just look at your inbox. THIS training will show you how rise above it and fly above the noise. Don’t miss it.

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See you soon…


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