Get The Latest News With These RSS Readers

If you subscribe to a large number of RSS feeds, it’s quite easy to be consumed with all this incoming information. This is where your iPhone steps in. The mobility it provides lets you read your new when and where you want. Plus it gives you control over what you see and when with some providing easy steps for pushing your updated content to your own subscribers. Byline Subscribe to the websites you want to watch using your Google Reader account, and let Byline automatically sync up and brings you the content that interests you most. It caches your feeds so that you can view them later when you’re offline, holds up to 2000 items including images, and easily integrates with Facebook and Twitter Reeder Couple its great interface and the large number of sharing services it works with (for example, Facebook, Evernote, Delicious, and Twitter) and you’re on your way to keeping your fingers on the pulse of what’s happening. Reeder makes it effortless to share websites, articles and images. NetNewsWire With its built-in browser, you only need to setup your feeds and start reading. Not only does it sync up with the web to feed news articles to your phone, it syncs up both your read and unread articles and updates the status. Those articles you haven’t read are displayed on the home page as well as on the lower portion of the screen, and are identifiable by their blue type color. Fever Avoid the mass onslaught of RSS downloads into your “here’s a ton of stuff to read” box with Fever. It lets you decide between what’s important and what’s not – or what’s not important for right now anyway. It includes the favicon along with the title of the feed for easier identification. You can also block domains to keep ad spam from coming in, take advantage of keyboard shortcuts, and manage your subscription lists. Newsstand Have only a few minutes to read and prefer to skim for information? Give Newsstand a try. Tired of exiting the app to email articles or pictures? Newsstand helps with that as well. Another great feature of Newsstand: it provides fast browsing and allows you to navigate each feed versus downloading them in their entirety. MobileRSS Getting detailed information fast and for an app price that’s a little cheaper than others is what MobileRSS provides. It offers common functionality such as folders, notes, shared items, and comment view, and has a feature that lets you quickly switch between viewing all items or only those that have been recently updated. NewzCrawler With an interface that mimics an email inbox, structuring your content has never been easier. Color labeling lets you keep your incoming articles organized in a way that works best for how you want to review your feeds. You can publish your own news feeds and quickly post a comment to a blog associated with the feed you’re viewing. With such diversity in RSS iPhone apps, knowing what functionality you need in order to be the most productive is what it takes to find the right app. Determine whether you to want to minimize the time you spend reading or the ability to control the various aspects of your feeds. That answer will make it clear as to which app is best for you.


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