Where's My Money?! The Best iPhone Payroll Apps

It’s all about money when it comes to running a business (or even a household, for that matter). Now, by using your iPhone, you can keep track and manage your income where and when you need to. GetPaid! Isn’t this what it’s all about? And this app makes it easy as 1, 2, 3. Track your time, build your timesheet, and create a professional looking, personalized, PDF or HTML invoice that you can email directly to your client or customer. It also tracks incoming payments, provides a graphical view of your income, exports data in .csv format, and generates detailed reports of your job, what payments you have received, all the tasks you completed, and the time you have spent on each job. Omni Invoice If you need to generate quotes on-the-spot – either while at a customer site or even in the office - Omni Invoice helps you do that. Develop your quote, email it to your client, and generate invoices. It supports tax codes, tax exempt products, discounts (both fixed and percentage amounts) and currency exchange. Invoice Robot Keeping the small business in mind, Invoice Robot helps keep the process of creating financial documents in your hands versus the alternative of using an outside person (e.g., an accountant) or management company. It creates invoices, quotes, proposals, and receipts that can be sent as PDF documents. Invoice2Go Get going fast and easy with Invoice2go. Start by selecting one of the provided invoice styles and use it as is or customize it to your liking. You can build estimates, produce invoices, issue credit memos, etc. To make it easier for your clients to pay, add a PayPal button to allow instant payment via a trusted safe and secure method. MiniBooks for FreshBooks As part of the web-based FreshBooks application, MiniBooks puts all that great functionality at your fingertips via your iPhone. Manage all financial aspects of a client’s account including time tracking and invoice create. Then syncs your MiniBooks data up with your FreshBooks accounts. Quick Invoice The invoice process can be tedious, time consuming, and terrible for many freelancers and small business owners. Quick Invoice makes the process much more bearable with its quick and straightforward workflow. Pick the customer, choose the service, apply any taxes or discounts, add the “how to pay” information and send it off via email. It is that quick! Billings Touch There are those who want to keep time tracking and invoice generation simple. For those who want something more robust, Billings Touch may be the right app. It links all your billable hours, flat-fee services, individually priced items, and expenses. It has a wide array of reports, and includes integration for processing of credit cards. Staying on top of all the financial aspects can seem like a monumental task. However, by using your iPhone and these apps, you will no longer have a task that’s weighing you down.


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